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Aat the osteria we offer a choice of recipes based on first quality local products.

The proprietors are expert mushroom pickers, recognized and authorized by ASL for the gathering and selling of mushrooms that are, each time, still checked by the asl inspector.

The dishes we offer on the friday menu and on the theme piedmontese eno-gastronomic evening, are already popular.

This is the best invitation to come back and share it with the closest friends.

The osteria is well known for its meat cooked on soapstone.

t-bone steak and rump of the piedmontese fassone breed km 0, are served on soapstone at temperature of  290°c.

The stone keeps the temperature for a long time and every diners can taste the meat cooked to his liking  from medium rare  to well done.


carne su pietra ollare

Come and try the  fresh piedmontese meat, fish and shellfish dishes from our sea and the seasonal vegetables and porcini mushrooms speciality. We look forward to seeing you !